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Thank you for visiting us, this is an Iranian weblog and it’s language is persian.

This  weblog doesn’t have a certain topic, but I often write about IT news, Funny thing, How to posts & …

I have created this English page to respect foreign people who come here and tell them a little bit about IRAN.

As you know, there are a lot of negative advertisements about Iran in foreign countries and they are trying to show you something wrong about iran by using TV, movies & etc.

Now ,as an Iranian, we want everyone to know about real Iran, The  beautiful land of Persia.

You can find more about Iran and Iranians by:

searching Real Iran in Youtube

Read about Iran in Wikipedia

Read about Iranian new year celebration, One of the oldest customs in the world in Wikipedia

Read about Cyrus The Great and the world’s first declaration of human rights

At the ending, We invite you to see a video about some Iranian personalities


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  • 1. Deidre  |  نوامبر 10, 2008 در 9:12 ق.ظ.

    Hi! I love that you put this page up here. Our media, and government for that matter, have been trying to paint a bad picture of quite a few countries and it is nice to see some things from the perspective of people that actually live there

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